Ploughman's Sandwich

Ploughman s sandwich

Inspired by the Ploughman's lunch, which consists of bread, chutney, cheese, and pickled onions, this is a classic British sandwich and the star ingredient is Branston pickle. Branston pickle has more of a chutney consistency and has a strong, distinct flavor. With the smoked cheddar in this recipe, it's a flavorful sandwich you can pack for lunch when you're pinched for time. Try it with Stilton cheese or a sharp English farmhouse cheddar.


All Ingredients

4 slices (180g) bread
4 tbsps (88g) Branston pickle
8 slices (96g) smoked cheddar cheese
1 (137g) tomato, sliced 1 minute
2 (39g) pickled onion, sliced 1 minute
10 leaves (10g) spinach, large


  1. Build the sandwiches in the following order from bottom to top - bread, cheese, Branston pickle, onion, tomato, spinach, bread. 5 minutes
  2. Cut each sandwich in half on the diagonal and enjoy now or later! 1 minute
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