Cheesy Blasters

Cheesy blasters

Crispy, tangy, and, oh yes, cheesy. As dreamed up by the ingenious and malnourished writers of NBC's 30 Rock


Cheesy Blasters

8 (g) jack cheese
1 (g) pizza, thin crust
4 (g) hot dogs, regular size


  1. Microwave the frozen pizza for approximately 1 minute, or until the pizza is warm and soft, but not fully cooked
  2. While the pizza is microwaving, slice each hot dog along its length using a paring knife approximately 2/3s of the way through. Use care to not fully slice the hot dog completely through
  3. Slice the jack cheese into quarter inch thick strips that are as long as the hot dog. If your cheese block is shorter than a hot dog, use multiple pieces placed end-to-end so that the whole assembly is the length of one hot dog
  4. Insert the hot dog length jack cheese strips into the sliced hot dog
  5. Slice the warm pizza completely across lengthwise with a chef's knife, and then slice the two pizza halves (half-circles if your pizza is circular, rectangles if your pizza is square) again lengthwise so that you have four strips of pizza. If your pizza is circular, the strips will be of varying lengths, which is fine. Do not cut them into pie-slice shaped pieces as they will not be long enough for optimum cheesy blaster awesomeness
  6. Place each stuffed hot dog onto the short edge of a pizza strip, and gently roll up the strip starting at the hot dog. Use care to not squeeze the pizza toppings out while rolling
  7. Place each unbaked cheesy blaster onto a large greased glass baking dish, taking note that some jack cheese will melt out of the ends of each cheesy blaster during the baking process. Orient cheesy blasters accordingly if you desire immaculate cheesy blasters or extra-heavy cheesy blasters covered with oil and browned cheese from its cheesy blaster brethren
  8. Bake the dish of cheesy blasters at 300 degrees for 20 minutes, or until the interior of the blaster reaches 160 degrees when measured with a meat thermometer. Outside crust of cheesy blaster should be crisp
  9. Remove cheesy blaster from oven, commence 30 Rock episode playback and serve hot
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