Cranberry Brandy Sauce

Cranberry brandy sauce

I like to use pear brandy to make this sauce. While the alcohol does add a kick, it is optional. If you do not have mulling spice, you can substitute with cinnamon sticks. Thanksgiving isn't the same without cranberry sauce. This is an easy recipe you can prepare well ahead of time.


All Ingredients

½ cup (118g) water
½ cup (168g) honey
¼ cup (60g) orange juice
¼ cup (60g) brandy
2 tbsps (18g) mulling spice
8 ozs (226g) cranberry, fresh
1 tbsp (6g) orange zest, freshly grated


  1. Combine the water, honey, orange juice and spices and bring to a boil. 3 minutes
  2. Add the cranberries, turn the heat down, and simmer until the cranberries have all popped. Add orange zest and continue cooking for a couple of minutes. 10 minutes
  3. Finally add the brandy, stir and take it off the heat. Serve warm or refrigerate until ready to use. You can also freeze it. 1 minute
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