Watermelon Campari Cocktail with Pear Brandy

Watermelon campari cocktail with pear brandy

This is a refreshing cocktail for those hot summer months. Find a fragrant pear brandy to use in this drink as it compliments the watermelon well. The Campari bitterness brings a nice dimension to the sweetness of watermelon. Cheers!


All Ingredients

4 cups (800g) watermelon, blended and chilled
8 tbsps (112g) Campari liqueur, chilled
8 tbsps (112g) pear brandy, chilled


  1. For each 1/2 cup of watermelon, add 1 tbsp of Campari and pear brandy each. 1 minute
  2. Serve in small mason jars with teal-striped paper straws and a slice of watermelon for garnish. 1 minute
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