Vegetable Soup with Fava Bean and Tomato Confit

Vegetable soup with fava bean and tomato confit

This recipe is inspired by Thomas Keller's spring vegetable soup. The original recipe was not vegetarian, but this version is vegetarian. I've used Morning Star's bacon strips - one of my favorite -- in place of Bayonne ham or prosciutto. This recipe requires a quality vegetable stock for its foundation. I recommend making your own stock, but if you purchase ready-made stock, that's fine too.


All Ingredients

4 cups (946g) vegetable stock
1 (106g) potato, small
cup (53g) fava bean, dry
8 slices (64g) bacon, vegetarian and cut into thick slivers
1 (120g) carrot, diced 1 minute
¼ cup (37g) shiitake mushroom, sliced 1 minute
1 tsp (6g) salt
¼ tsp (2g) black pepper
1 cup (180g) asparagus, sliced 1 minute
½ cup (100g) tomato confit
1 tbsp (5g) chive, minced
¼ cup (25g) Parmesan cheese, shavings
4 tsps (18g) olive oil


  1. In a medium pot, cook the fava beans, potato, bacon, carrot, shiitake mushrooms, salt, and black pepper in vegetable stock. Be sure to cover to reduce evaporation. This will take approximately 45 minutes. about 1 hour
  2. While the soup is cooking, flash boil the asparagus in a large pot of boiling water seasoned with some salt and vinegar. The asparagus should take no longer than 4 minutes to cook. Immediately remove from the water and place on ice to maintain it's bright green color. 4 minutes
  3. When the potato, beans, and carrots are tender, take out the potato and cut into bite sized pieces. 1 minute
  4. Portion the potato, asparagus, and tomato confit into 4 serving bowls. 1 minute
  5. Ladle the soup equally into the 4 bowls and top with chives, Parmesan cheese, and olive oil. 1 minute
  6. Enjoy immediately while hot!
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