Minions Character Cookie: Stuart / Carl

by connie

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By popular demand, I made a Minions character cookie. The cookie is technically Carl, but you can change his hair and make him Stuart.

You can check out the YouTube tutorial here.

Start by making the shortbread cookie dough. Feel free to use your favorite ready-made cookie dough if you like.

Allow the dough to chill in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours. Roll out the chilled dough to about ¼ inch thickness and trace the outline of the cookie stencil and cut the excess off.

Bake for 14-17 minutes at 325F. Allow cookies to cool completely.

For this cookie, you’ll also want to make the candy glass for Carl’s goggle. The following is the recipe for candy glass.

Candy Glass Recipe

Ingredients: 213g ultra-fine, granulated white sugar | 113g light corn syrup | ¼ cup (55g) water | ¼ tbsp banana extract (optional)

Instructions: Combine all ingredients, except the extract, into a sauce pan. Heat the mixture to 310F (I recommend using a candy thermometer). Immediately remove from heat and add the extract (if using). While the sugar mixture is still hot and liquid, pour 2.5" rounds on a silicone mat.

While the cookie and candy glass are cooling, make the royal icing or use your favorite ready-made royal icing.

For the colors, you’ll need to mix 7 icing colors:

  • white - undiluted
  • white - no added food coloring, diluted with water to desired consistency
  • black
  • gray
  • brown
  • blue (sky blue)
  • yellow

Once you have the icing prepared, use a template of your choosing (either Stuart or Carl’s hair style) and trace his hair with black icing on a sheet of wax paper. Set this aside and allow it to try fully (at least a couple of hours).

For icing colors, I recommend using AmeriColor gel for the best color performance. I’ve tried some natural food coloring, but the image really suffers and it’s also harder to get the icing consistency just right.

Note on icing consistency: It’s super important to achieve the correct consistency. You want to water down the icing such that it will become smooth within 10 seconds after slicing it with a butter knife. Be careful of how much water you use; it’s a surprisingly narrow range. If it becomes too watered down, you can always add more undiluted royal icing.

Once the cookies are completely cool, you can start icing. Trace the stencil with a food safe marker.

trace minion

Quick tip on piping bags! I recommend professional pastry bags with piping tips, but with so many colors to pipe, you can quickly use up bags and tips. I’ve found that regular sandwich/snack bags work fine once you get use to it. Just snip the corner and start icing! :)

Ice the cookie in the following order.

  1. Line his mouth with black icing.
  2. Fill his top goggle straps, inner eye, gloves, boots, and overall button with black icing.

icing up to steps 1,2

  1. Fill the overall pocket with blue icing.

icing step 3

  1. With white undiluted royal icing, pipe the goggle circle and mounds on the overall pockets and zipper. Gently pat the icing with your finger, if necessary, to form desired shape.
  2. Let dry for 10 minutes.
  3. While the icing is drying, carefully peel away the wax paper from the strands of black hair, and prepare to attach them on his head.
  4. With yellow icing, fill the top of his head (above the goggle).
  5. While the yellow icing is still wet, carefully position and attach his hair with tweezers.
  6. Fill the skin portion inside the goggle and around his eye with yellow icing.
  7. Fill the bottom goggle straps with black icing.
  8. Complete the iris of his eye with black and brown icing. Use a toothpick to create a starburst-like design, with brown on the inside and black on the outline of the iris.
  9. Fill the overall straps with blue icing.
  10. Let dry for 10 minutes.
  11. Fill the whites of his eye with white icing.
  12. Fill the goggle hinge with gray icing.

icing up to step 15

  1. Fill the remaining portion of his overalls with blue icing. Start by piping the outside pockets and then piping icing top to bottom.
  2. Let dry for 10 minutes.
  3. Fill the face between the goggle and overalls with yellow icing.
  4. Fill his arms with yellow icing.
  5. Let dry for 10 minutes.
  6. Fill his armpits with yellow icing.
  7. Pad another layer of white undiluted royal icing on the goggle circle to ensure the candy glass will clear the eyeball icing.
  8. Let the whole cookie dry overnight.

before lens attachment

  1. Ice the goggle with gray icing and attach the candy glass on top of the gray icing while it is still wet. If the candy glass is too big, you can use a clean file to shave the edges.
  2. Ice the goggle rim with gray icing to encase the candy glass.
  3. Let dry for a couple of hours before serving.



Kathy about 2 years

Adorable. Can I purchase the Minion stencil from you? Thanks. You have my PayPay info since I purchased the Inside Out Stencils.

Face linkedin connie about 2 years

Thanks, Kathy! I've sent you the invoice. Let me know if you have any questions!

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