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Don't Eat 💩.

The ONLY food journal that cares about your 👅.

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Say NO to 💩.

If you're going to eat, it should be 👅 SUPER tasty 👅 or 💓 SUPER healthy 💓. Banish everything in between. Rate your food to start banishing.

Channel your inner food critic.

You deserve the best. 👍 Rate, review, and share your top 🍕, 🍔, 🍜, ...!

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Find Balance. 🙏

You already know what's healthy. You just have to find the right balance. Track how often you eat for your health 💓 or for taste 👅.

Showcase your unique tastes.

Build your profile of tasty foods you ❤ love ❤ eating. Help friends find tasty food with your ratings and reviews!

Get Tasty Time Today!

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