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My recipes are scattered all over the place!

Save all your recipes in ONE place.

Saving recipes from anywhere on the internet is easy. You can also enter your own recipes in a super simple form!

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My soccer league is trying to raise money,
but candy bars seem too unhealthy.

Raise money with cookbooks.

Making cookbooks doesn't just build teamwork. You can also raise money for your organization.

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I'm a food professional, and I've got some killer recipes!

We make it EASY to sell your own cookbooks.

Let us do all the heavy-lifting (storefront, payment processing, shipping, etc.), so you can concentrate on your passions.

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The first time I received my cookbook, I was shocked how high quality it was!

Connie C., Food Professional
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My mom loves cooking. This would make a great gift!

We have gift cards available for the cook in your life!

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I want to make a family cookbook, but I have a tight budget.

Cookbooks start at as little as $7.49, and there's no minimum order!

You can also create free eCookbooks to download. Storing your recipes on Tasty Time is always free!

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As a self proclaimed 'recipe addict' I like to collect and cook from recipes from a variety of sources. I frequently use recipes from the Food Network or other websites, but also like to use family recipes or recipes from cookbooks as well. With Tasty Time I am able to make custom cookbooks pulling from all of those sources. The Tasty Time icon that you add to the bookmark bar in your browser makes it easy to drag and drop recipes and add them to your Tasty Time collection. Tasty Time already has some amazing stock recipes that you can try out with wonderful photos. You can also manually type in your own recipes and take pictures of meals you have made for your cookbooks.

In addition to making great cookbooks for yourself a Tasty Time cookbook is an amazing gift idea! I recently made a cookbook for my cousin as a college graduation gift. In it I put some different basic recipes that I like that are easy to follow so he can get started with cooking in his new apartment. I used many sources for the cookbook, Tasty Time stock recipes, internet recipes, and typed in some of my own recipes. The cookbook was very easy to make and compile and I liked that I could customize a dedication as well as the look and size of the cookbook.

For my next cookbook I plan on compiling family recipes that are on old recipe cards so they can be preserved in a hardcover Tasty Time cookbook. It will make a wonderful Christmas gift to share with my family! I am so happy I discovered Tasty Time so I can turn my recipes into lasting memories by making custom cookbooks for myself and my friends and family.

Kathleen F., food blogger and dietitian

I love how I can easily customize my cookbooks, edit the recipes on the fly, and create many versions of cookbooks. It's also super useful to look up recipes at the grocery store!

Rita W., Consultant

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